Saturday, February 20, 2010

Oh Carol!

I finally managed go get photos of some of the work done for one of my not-so-old clients of their cafe facade! But that's not the only work done for them. I was also responsible for the design of their logo, namecard, menu (not printed) and an ordering form (also not printed). Here are some pics!

Logo Design

First things first, since this logo was to be font-centric and I wanted to find a suitable font that conveyed the look and feel of a casual yet elegant western cafe, I went through my library of fonts and shortlisted a bunch of them (above top) before selecting a handful for some logo concepts (above bottom). My client wanted to include a chef's hat in the logo, so I searched for some royalty-free images drawn in a style that was consistent with the font the logo used. The client selected the version on the top right.



We did 2 different name cards. The one at the top is the first. Later the decision was made to reprint and redesign the namecard, which resulted in the version above.

Advertisement Banner


To boost business, my client wanted an advertisement banner to be done that would cover an entire glass panel on their facade. I came up with 2 design proposals as shown in the pre-visualizations above. The second one was selected.

Final Photographs
I was in the area a few weeks back and managed to get some photographs on my mobile phone's camera of the facade of the cafe.
Looks like business is good!

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