Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Recent Sketches at Orchard Road

Here are a couple of sketches I did before a recent dinner appointment at Orchard Road. I was supposed to meet my friend at 313 Somerset, but I decided to go earlier to search for and sketch the old Singapore Chinese Girls' School campus at Emerald Hill that my friends told me about. I went back to Emerald Hill and found the following building and did this sketch with a cheap Parker fountain pen loaded with Calli brown ink:

It was only after posting it that I realised that this was not the main campus. Looks like I'll have to make another trip down again...

While waiting at the restaurant for my friend to arrive, I decided to do another quick sketch of the chefs preparing xiao long bao (a kind of Chinese meat dumplings). I did this using a Pentel Pocket Brush very quickly. The man on the right was weighing out the dough lumps on a scale, the one on the left was flattening them into flat circles, and the one in the middle was wrapping the minced meat mix into the skins that the left guy had flattened out.

What I found most surprising was that after I uploaded this sketch on Facebook, it quickly received the most likes out of any of my FB photos, crossing the 60 mark in just a couple of days! I find it interesting that some of the drawings that I make the least of turn out to be the most popular.

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